BFUA Code of Conduct

Values and Behaviour

It is the intention of this current Board to provide a welcoming and safe sporting environment, accessible to all members of the community, where the emphasis is on enjoyment, professionalism and respect.

The Board is focussed on ensuring that the BFUA provides the conditions in which each member can make themselves the best Umpire they wish to be and that foster positive relationships between members and the various community clubs and organisations with which the BFUA deals.

As representatives and members of the BFUA it is each individual’s responsibility to carry themselves in a manner that maintains the reputation and standards of the Association, both at training and on games days.

General Conduct

The BFUA is a unique sporting Organisation in that it is open to all ages and both genders, all of whom use common facilities and who train, travel and officiate together throughout the football season. As a consequence of this multi-age and broad social cohort, the expectations of the Board and the Association are that members will abide by community standards in regard to behaviour and conduct at all times. Sexist, racist or offensive comments are unacceptable in any circumstances; nor will the Board or the Association tolerate harassment of any kind directed towards any of its members.


Any member attending training is expected to arrive on time, be suitably kitted out in BFUA training gear and to use the time as best they can to develop and improve their levels of skill and fitness. Any unseen absence from training should be communicated to the relevant coach as soon as is practicable.

After training knowledge sessions will be held in the BFUA social rooms, for each discipline, on specified Wednesday nights. Those at training are expected to attend unless individual coaches are notified otherwise.

Game Day

Game day is the time when the BFUA is most ‘on show’. It is the time when the general footballing public make their judgements about us, both on and off the field; therefore, it is extremely important that members always conduct themselves professionally and with the reputation of the BFUA in mind.

All members should arrive at the ground at least an hour before the scheduled start of play. Field Umpires officiating in senior matches should be in attendance by half time in the reserves game.

All members should be dressed appropriately upon arrival at the ground. This includes: BFUA polo, shoes not thongs, BFUA spray jacket or coat, where possible, pants other than denim and no tracksuits.

All members will officiate in current BFUA Uniform. It is VITAL that all members are wearing the current uniform. It is the responsibility of the field umpires to ensure that all other umpires are appropriately kitted out prior to “walking”.

In extreme or difficult weather conditions umpires are encouraged to wear official BFUA long sleeved tops with additional layers underneath, however no visible undergarments. It is not acceptable to wear alternative tops or spray jackets as the outer layer while officiating.

The game day safety and well-being of all BFUA members is one of the Board’s central concerns. If at any time as an Umpire you, or other umpires at the game in which you are officiating, are subjected to disproportionate verbal abuse by players, officials or those affiliated with specific clubs you must report the incident in the appropriate manner. Do NOT respond with the same sort of abuse, as difficult as that may be.

Contact should be made at the first available opportunity with BFUA Director of Coaching Billy Mitchell 0400 477 251 and the Chair of the Association Justin Davey 0419 156 114.

Any hint of physical intimidation should be treated with the utmost seriousness and reported immediately to Billy Mitchell 0400 477 251 and Justin Davey 0419 156 114. Where possible the umpire should also contact the President of the Home club and inform him or her of the incident.

In the case of actual assault the Police must be contacted at the earliest possible time by the Umpire concerned.

It is the responsibility of senior umpires to be vigilant in the protection of junior centrals and boundary umpires particularly where boundary umpires come into close contact with spectators and officials along the fence line of grounds.

Please ensure that you have completed all elements of the post-match paperwork accurately. Those members returning paperwork to Saxon House need only wait 30 mins after the game for that paperwork. Please allow some degree of tolerance for those Club volunteers if you can see that they are making every effort to have the material ready for you. If it is not available prior to your departure please notify Director of Coaching Billy Mitchell 0400 477 251 ASAP.

If you have placed players or officials on Report during a game you must also notify Billy Mitchell ASAP.

Game Day Travel

All umpires are to have a zero blood alcohol reading when travelling to and from games. This is extremely important given our responsibilities to parents in getting under-age Boundary and Central umpires to, and particularly, from games.

If you ARE the designated driver it is YOUR responsibility to contact the umpires to arrange pick up or to confirm that the other umpires will be making their own way to the ground.

Social Media

It is the Board’s intention that the BFUA be a safe and enjoyable organisation of which to be a member. It is our goal to create an environment where people of both genders and all ages can participate comfortably in the running and activities of the Association.  As a consequence of this desire it is important that all members treat each other respectfully and with courtesy, both in their personal interaction and ‘online’.

No member must post anything online that brings the BFUA into disrepute. If there is ANY doubt in your mind about the suitability of a comment, photo, video or observation DO NOT post it.

The Board’s expectations are that members will not post ANY online comments/texts/photos/memes on: other Umpires, the BFUA Board, individual players, clubs, tribunal decisions, match results, specific teams, possible Best and Fairest voting, any of the Leagues the BFUA services, none of their employees or administrators, BFUA or club sponsors, coaches or other club officials or any other stakeholder connected with the BFUA.

Any failure to abide by these expectations may result in Umpires forfeiting certain rights as members of the Association.

BFUA members are not authorised to speak with the media regarding any footballing matter that affects the BFUA. All media enquiries should be directed to the BFUA Director of Coaching, Billy Mitchell or Chair Justin Davey.

BFUA Information throughout the year will be displayed on the BFUA Website as well as Facebook.

Grievance Policy

The BFUA Grievance Mediation Committee will consist of the BFUA Chairman, a running member and a member of the Coaching panel.

If you have a grievance regarding any element of your umpiring appointments, observations or training program you MUST speak with your coach in the first instance. All coaches will be available through the year to discuss individual Umpires and their progress if there are concerns on the part of the Umpire. In this situation speak directly with the coach before or after training to arrange a suitable time to meet. Please do not email or text your concerns to the coach. Speak with them personally.

If after this conversation you do not feel as if the difficulties have been addressed, please submit a Grievance Mediation Application Form - BFUA Grievance Mediation Application Form to Billy Mitchell ASAP. Once the completed Application has been received the Grievance Committee will discuss the situation with you and other concerned parties and attempt mediate an outcome that is in the best interests of the member and the Association.

If you have a grievance against any other Member of the Association then this must come directly to a Board Member. If that discussion does not help you resolve the issue then you must apply to the Grievance Committee through a Grievance Mediation Application (GMA).

Please do not post personal grievances online, on Twitter or text them to other members.


No member of the Association is to take/make/place bets on the result of ANY match, any Best and Fairest Award, (League or Club), or any facet of any game in which the BFUA has an involvement.


The BFUA is a non-smoking organisation. Smoking is not permitted in the Change rooms, Social rooms, Saxon House, or while Umpires are in BFUA uniform.

Working with Children Check

Until the Association has notification that you have a current ‘clear’ Working with Children check, you will NOT be able to officiate in any BFUA matches.

The BFUA's membership has a lot of junior members and as a result the Association has developed a Child Safety Statement and Policy to guide the Association.  It can be downlaoaded at BFUA Child Safety Statement & Policy .


Tribunal is held on either a Tuesday or Wednesday at either Saxon House in Ballarat or at the Riddell District FL in Arnolds Creek. Should you have a report, you need to contact Billy Mitchell by 12pm on Monday at or 0400 477 251. All appropriate reporting paperwork MUST be fully completed after the completion of the match.

School Games

School games are generally held on Wednesday afternoons. Should you be available you are asked to contact Phil McGrath on 0498 214 562.

Wearing of a Hat

BFUA Members wishing to officiate in a CAP under OH&S MUST wear an official BFUA umpiring hat. No other hats of any kind are to be worn.

WorkCover Procedure

If any member is injured as a result of umpiring, please inform Director of Coaching Billy Mitchell.  A WorkCover document will need to be completed and returned to Billy Mitchell before any medical attention is sought, unless in the case where immediate medical attention is required.  The BFUA recommend that you seek treatment from the Lake Health Group.  The WorkCover document can be downloaded here BFUA CGU Injury Claim Form.

Lost Property

All BFUA Lost Property can be claimed from the BFUA Social Rooms.


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