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Be a BFUA Member in 2021

Thanks for your interest in joining the Ballarat Football Umpires Association (BFUA) in 2021.  The BFUA had 340 members in 2019 and provides officials to the Ballarat Senior & Junior Football Leagues, Central Highlands FL, Maryborough Castlemaine DFNL as well as AFL Goldfields female competitions.  The BFUA are always looking for new members and with the growth of football within the region and in particular female football there will be even more opportunities for umpires in 2021.

If you love the game and you want to keep fit, learn life skills, meet new friends and earn some money then umpiring is for you. 

Regardless of your gender, nationality or physical capability there is a place for you in umpiring.  The BFUA offers a welcoming, inclusive and fun environment.  If you are interested in joining the BFUA please follow the below information.  If you require further information regarding the BFUA please email Head of Umpiring Operations Billy Mitchell at, the BFUA hope to have you on board for season 2021.

To become a member of the BFUA you are required to complete the online registration process below.  Please follow the instructions to register online to the Ballarat Football Umpires Association.

To register click HERE.

  • Type your email address into the box provided. This needs to be the same email which you will receive your appointments (please note each member has to use a different email address - one or more family members cannot use the same address)

  • A box will then appear asking for a Password – Please click on Forgot Password. An email will then be sent to your email where you will then be required to change your password. Click on the link Click to reset password.

  • Once your password has been changed, click on Click here to Continue

  • If your name appears click on your name, otherwise if you are a new member, click on the Box New Member

  • Complete all appropriate details. If you clicked on your name, you will need to Click on Ballarat Football Umpires Association.  Once this has been done, please then click the Umpire Box and continue.

  • Complete the details in the boxes with the Red * Next to them. Then click on the box which says “I understand that by registering I have agreed to the Terms and Conditions of participation.”

You are now a registered Member of the Ballarat Football Umpires Association.

As well as the online registration members are required to have a Working with Childrens Check for any umpire over 18 years of age, please ensure you add the BFUA as an organisation on your MyCheck account.

Membership fees for the BFUA are TBC for Full members and TBC for Junior members - this fee includes registration, insurance and a training shirt.  Fees are taken out of match payments during the first pay period of the season.

Once registered on Sporting pulse you will then need to register to Schedula as per the link below.  Schedula is the program that all BFUA appointments are made with emails sent to members regarding the games they have on any weekend.

If you have any questions regarding BFUA membership please contact Head of Umpiring Operations Billy Mitchell on 0400 477 251 or 

Getting Started with Schedula

New Member Registration



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The Ballarat Football Umpires Association is one of Australia's largest football umpiring groups having been established in 1913.

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