2020 Training

2020 Training Details

The Ballarat Football Umpires Association training details for 2020 will be advised to members once confirmed. Please continue to visit the website and monitor our social media platforms for details.


BFUA Post Training Recovery Stretches

To be performed post training for recovery and increased flexibility and range of motion (ROM).

This will help to prevent injury and allow for improved recovery.  Please click on the stretches link below to view stretches.



All stretches should be held for at least 30 seconds 3 x on each side for maximum benefit.

All stretches should be held to a point where a light stretch can be felt and no further.

The stretches can be performed in any order to suit your requirements.


For further information please contact - Scott Carey on 5333 1977 or scott@aflgoldfields.com

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The Ballarat Football Umpires Association is one of Australia's largest football umpiring groups having been established in 1913.

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